Wales 22-24/8/12

24 Aug

Wales 22-24/8/12

After a night spent on the sea front at PorthCawl, we drove to Swansea. We watched the Lorax film (a Dr Seuss story much loved by Dizzi) which was brilliant.

We drove to Bracelet Bay in The Mumbles to have a walk

In the evening we had a yummy meal with our good friends Jim and Kiera who we asked to hold our wedding ceremony next July and much to our joy they accepted!


Afterwards we drove into the Gower, and slept in the car park at some woods.

After a quiet and peaceful night, we drove to the massive Rhossili Bay to do some surfing with our new body boards and wetsuits

after surfing, Ralph had the crazy idea of walking the entire length of the beach and back. It didn’t look far, but took an hour and a half each way!


Featureless landscapes are deceptive!

The next day we drove to the Hill End campsite (the other end of the Rhossili Bay) to do some more surfing, and sneakily use their showers

After picking up a dulcimer in Cardiff, we drove to Glastonbury to spend the night, then to Frome the next day, finally returned home after 5 weeks of life on the road.


We’ve had quite an adventure, and hope you’ve enjoyed our blog. Next ( on the 29th August) we are off to Santorini in Greece for a week, and will blog that too. Long holidays are certainly one of the perks of teaching in schools! Viva la holiday!

Lots of love

Ralph, Dizzi and Jeff


One Response to “Wales 22-24/8/12”

  1. musicmanningTim Manning August 28, 2012 at 11:19 pm #

    I’m interested to see if you run into any Greek Santouri’s there. Tim x PS Looks like your’e having a great time.

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