St Ives 16-17/8/12

24 Aug

St Ives 16-17/8/12

We bought a 24 hour ticket for the car park at the train station right in the middle of St Ives. This was our view from the van’s back doors:


In the evening we walked into town and took some pictures from the pier, and went to the Union Inn to use the Wifi and have a few drinks (Ralph drank Old Rosey cider, which was 7.4%, and felt a little p****d!)

The next morning there was a little fair going on raising money for the Life Boat which had lots of stalls, raffles and traditional fair ground rides.

Ralph bought a pasty for lunch. As soon as he walked out of the shop, a Sea Gull swooped down onto his head, and took a bite from his pasty which he wasn’t very happy about!


We walked around the streets, beach and shops and explored the quaint back streets and lanes that crisscross all over st ives. There was a very interesting shop called Kudos, which was stuffed full of fascinating stock. Several 200 year old guitars, worth £2500, we’re hanging from the ceiling with string!


We nipped to the local swimmingpool and had a quick swim and shower before driving up the coast a short way to the village of Zennor, to the Tinner’s Arms, and joined in with the famous folk jam session where we both got a free pint for joining in!


Love ralph, jeff and Dizzi



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