Tintagel to Merther 12/8/12

15 Aug

Tintagel to Merther 12/8/12

Had a belly busting vegetarian breakfast at the King Arthur Inn, whilst doing some blogging.

Then we went to the Celtic Legend shop

Ralph bought a Dragon’s skull, and a fossilised fairy. Ralph also chose his wedding ring – an elf ring (very similar to the one in The Lord of the Rings (but a good ring, with a sweet message written on it, not an evil one!) Here’s a photo of the man who runs the shop, displaying Ralph’s ring

We then drove to the tiny hamlet of Merther (near Truro) to see Dizzi’s friend, and Dulcimer student Carol.

She was having a barbecue to celebrate her man Tony’s completion of a beautiful Shepard hut. He built it all. He also builds amazing houses (we saw the photos) We would recommend him to anyone: we can give it his number if you are interested.

We stayed for supper, then slept in the van on their drive

In the morning, we got up in time for tony to come back for lunch and had a lovely lunch of BBQ leftovers

In the afternoon we had a really cool dulcimer jam with carol in the shepards hut ( video to follow) and carols 91 year old dad had a tinkle on the tank drum ( he was really good at it)

We took the opportunity to have a nice shower and tidied up the van before heading off towards penryn. We stopped off at a pretty little church on the way and saw a very funny gravestone!

We reached falmouth, where we found a lovely headland car park in to spend the night ( shared with lots of smooching couples in cars)

Sweet dreams, Ralph, Jeff and Dizzi.







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