Penryn 14-15/8/12

15 Aug

Penryn 14-15/8/12

Washday! We spent the morning looking for a laundrette. The first place took a week, the next was closed, and third time lucky, we struck gold.

We then mooched around Falmouth, which we thought was a very nice place: quite like Totnes, Frome and Glastonbury rolled into one.

We visited Bex Short, a friend of Dizzi’s since primary school. She has just completed a Jazz degree (her instrument is Saxophone)

After walking the dogs, and picking up an Indian take away, we drove out to the Argal reservoir to park up for the night. We had a scrummy curry picnic.

After that it was cinema night in the van, and we watched Blades of Glory, and Hugo on the laptop.

The next morning after walking jeff round the reservoir

we picked up our laundry, then went to visit our friends Robin and Martha for lunch at their house in Penryn. They are both very talented musicians, check out Martha’s website:

Late afternoon, saw us on the road again, this time to St Ives. We parked up in town (bought a 24 hour ticket) then hit the town

Good night, Jeff, Dizzi and Ralph






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