Busking in Frome

23 Jul

Busking in Frome

Woke up at Marston Church, Ralph had a lush meditation in the grave yard. Spent a leisurely morning editing videos, walking jeff in the fields, lying in the sun.

Headed into Frome for our busking test run. Pulled our heavily laden trolley into town. We played for a couple of hours, trying out our equipment – the busking amp is brilliant, and the tank drum works with a dulcimer pickup.

We took the trolley to the Archangel, and had a couple of drinks whilst doing our blog.

For supper, we went to the delicious Olive Tree, where they do very nice Thai food. We decided that we are going to go to Thailand in December, where the dulcimer is their national instrument (obviously we’ll be taking our dulcimers with us!)

Slowly walked back to the van and had a lovely night of sleep in the centre of Frome

Tomorrow we are off to Glastonbury, where we intend to busk on Tuesday 24th July. Hope to see you there.

Love Dizzi and ralph


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