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Fistral Bay (Newquay) 30/07/12

30 Jul

Fistral Bay (Newquay) 30/07/12

Woke up at our gorgeous spot in Dartmoor, and went for a long walk along the river into Lord of the Rings style woodland.

Then we drove to Fistral Bayto stay in the Bay Hotel, with great views of the surfers catching waves. We saved up some holiday funds over the last few months of work, and decided we would treat ourselves to 3 nights in the hotel (the 3rd night is free!)

We splashed around in the pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, which was great.

For supper we went for the ultimate luxury and ordered fish and chips delivered by taxi.

Afterwards we took jeff for a run around on the empty beach.

Goodnight Ralph, Dizzi and Jeff.



From Bristol to Dartmoor 29/07/12

30 Jul

From Bristol to Dartmoor 29/07/12

Woke up at our park up in the street outside Gary’s, by The Man In Space pub.

After breakfast, a shower, and picking up our various electronic things on charge over night, we drove to Ralph’s aunt Sheenagh’s house for lunch.

Sheenagh cooked a sumptuous feast, with lots of home grown fruit.

The sun came out and we ate lunch outside in her beautiful garden

After lunch we headed off towards Dartmoor, and parked for the night at a beautiful spot near Becky Falls. Our van became the ultimate room with a view!

Night night, love Dizzi, Ralph and Jeff


Centre Parcs 28/07/12

29 Jul

Center Parcs 28/07/12

Woke up in Trudoxhill Village hall car park, then went to The Bear Inn to use the WiFi for YouTube and our blog. Zak gave us two lovely stones to celebrate our engagement. These stones were taken to Stone Henge and blessed.

It was such a sunny day, that we decided to sneak in to Center Parcs and use there amazing Paradise Pool – which was amazing: tropical plants, jacuzzis, whirlpools, rapids, wave machine, water slides, cold plunge pools. It was fantastic swimming with the sun rippling on the water. It felt like being in a tropical country.

For the evening, we drove to Bristol to have supper with Dizzi’s uncle Gary. Had a lovely evening catching up, remembering the good old days. Bernie made us a delicious bean casserole and French apple tart.

At around 11pm we headed to bed in the van on the street outside their house.

Love Dizzi, ralph and jeff


More busking in Frome 27/07/12

28 Jul

More busking in Frome 27/07/12

Woke up in the car park at Heaven’s gate, and then went for a walk down to Shearwater Lake though the woods.

Then we headed in to Frome to do some busking on Cheap Street. We played for about 2 hours, trying out different instrument combinations. Ralph did his first bit of lead dulcimer playing. We made £39.26.

Jeff had his own little patch, and looked cute.

A chill out in the sun was beckoning, and there was no doubt in our minds that the place to do that was our beloved Marston church.

After uploading our videos and blog, we decided to spend our days earnings on a scrumptious dinner at the White Hart Inn at Trudoxhill, where we watched the Olympics opening ceremony.

Then we slept in the village hall car park.

Love Ralph, Dizzi and Jeff


Our first Anniversary 26/07/12

27 Jul

Our first Anniversary 26/07/12

Woke up about 9am as it began to get very hot in the van. We exchanged presents and cards – 1 year together!

Anna made us the healthiest smoothie ever, with Spirulina, Raw Cacao, coconut milk, banana, and other superfoods that we had never heard of.

Then off to Ebbor Gorge, with their little princess Shitsu called Leah. The gorge was like being in the mountains. Jeff found a nice load of badger poo and covered his back in it, which required some thorough shampooing later on.

For lunch we ate at the Rainbow’s End Cafe in Glastonbury, which served excellent food.

For the evening we went back to Heavens Gate by Longleat, with a picnic, to remember our first date together last July.

During the picnic, Ralph asked Dizzi to marry him! And she said YES. We celebrated with a bottle of bubbly, and nice salads and cheesecake

After the sun went down we walked back to the van, and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, which was totally cheesy but we loved it.

See you tomorrow, love Ralph, Dizzi and Jeff



27 Jul


Woke up once again beneath Glastonbury Tor. Last night we made a little dining spot in the layby like the Gypsies of old, eating by candle light.

We felt pretty sticky after a day in the fiery sun, so decided to go to Wells leisure centre to swim in the pool and use the sauna and steam room. Felt reborn afterwards.

We then drove into town and looked around Wells Cathedral, which was cool, serene, and filled with the angelic sounds of the Cathedral choir practising.

Jeff wanted to come in, but he had to stay outside

Afterwards we went to our friends Anna and Rob, who kindly invited us over for a yummy supper and jam session. It was wonderful to catch up with them, and we look forward to going to to their wedding in October. Here’s a video of our jam together, on harp, sruti box, tank drum, Udu drum, Tabla and overtone singing.

Had a great evening, then at midnight we flopped out the door into our van on the street, and had another soothing sleep.

Lots of love Dizzi, ralph and jeff

Busking in Glastonbury

25 Jul

Busking in Glastonbury

Today we woke up in our special parking spot near the Tor (hush hush) then headed into Glastonbury town centre to busk. It’s been absolutely roasting today, and the busking spot is right in the sun, by the Church.

We played for about an hour and a half on dulcimers, tank drum, thumb piano and djembe drums. People were loving it, and sat on the benches on the opposite side of the street. It became like a small, informal concert. We sold several CDs, and made £49.50.

Lots of people asked if we had a cd of us both playing together, and we had to point them to search for ‘Dizzi and Ralph’ on YouTube. We decided that we needed to get Dizzi’s sister Emily (who’s kindly running the dulcimer shop while we are on our trip) to make some CDs of our songs we recorded in St Catherine’s chapel in Abbotsbury last summer. You can listen to them here:

Had a yummy lunch in the Blue Note Cafe. Looked around the shops for a bit, and bought each other some secret Anniversary presents for Thursday.

We then headed off to the ancient oak trees ‘Gog’ and ‘Magog’. They are reputed to be around 1000 years old.

To cap the day off, we went for a jam up at the Tor

Love ralph and Dizzi, and jeff